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Picnic spots near Ahmednagar

10 Picnic Spots near Ahmednagar

Are you planning a tour in Ahmednagar? well, your choice is good. Ahmednagar does have many religious and picnic spots to visit. It is a small beautiful city of Ahmednagar district in the state of Maharashtra.

Marathi is the primary language of daily life communication in Ahmednagar. Hindi is also widely understood and spoken.

There are several dozen buildings and sites from the Nizam Shahi period.  There are also a lot of historical places where you can visit with your family and friends.

Ahmednagar is the home to Indian Armoured corps center and school, the mechanized infantry regimental center and is also the best picnic spot near Ahmednagar city. It is also home to 19 sugar factories and is also the birthplace of cooperative movements. Whether it is a family trip or trip with friends, it is the best place to visit.

There are a lot of tourist places & one-day picnic spots in Ahmednagar which can be explored by travelers. Local attraction can be visited at any time of the day, be it early morning, afternoon, evening and nights as suitable for travelers.

The best months to visit in Ahmednagar are January, February, March, September, October, November, and December.

There are many picnic spots near Ahmednagar city where you can visit and enjoy your tour.

Are you planning to visit this beautiful city?

Here is the list of top 10 Picnic Spots near Ahmednagar:

  1. Shani

    shinghnapurIt is a small village where there are no locks and door frames in houses. Native believe that Shani dev will protect them from any kind of theft or crime. There is a temple in that village which is dedicated to Lord Shani and the idol enshrined with the slab of rock.

    The village is visited by the devotee as well as tourists on Shani Amavasya and no moon day falling on Saturday. The premises of the temple have a tomb of Udasi baba and saints.

  2. Ahmednagar Fort

    Nizam Ahmed the first sultan of Nizam Shahi constructed the Ahmednagar Fort in 15 and the 16 centuries. The fort has 18 m high walls that are supported by 22 bastions.

    The fort has undergone many constructions and renovation during the reign of Husain Nizam Shah in 1959 and 1962. 

    After the death of Husain Nizam, Chand Bibi the famous queen has protected the fort. You have to include the place in your list of top 10 picnic spots near Ahmednagar.

    During the British rule, the fort is used as a prison and the fort served as a jail to the leaders of the Indian National Congress during India quit the movement.

    This fort is a great place to visit for tourists and it deserves a great attraction for people. It has a quite pleasant weather at the top of the fort stands between the gardened pathways which leads the inner chamber of the temple.

    Apart from it, a temple of Krishnagiri Maharaj is also situated in the bank of the Parvara River.

  3. Bhandardara dam

    This dam is one of the famous picnic spots you can visit. The dam is constructed on the Parvara River at bandardara village on the western coast of India in 1962; this dam is considered to be one of the oldest dams in Asia. It is situated at an average elevation of around 750m from the sea level. The prime attraction of the dam is umbrella falls.

    Another beautiful waterfall known as Randha is situated at a distance of about 11km from the dam. Evening sight of the waterfall is so beautiful and walking across the water looks the amazing sunset.

    It is surrounded by a beautiful mountain peak also kalsubai peak the highest peak of Maharashtra. At the time of the evening, the birds of different species and verities sit at the bank of the River which makes the view more beautiful.

  4. Aurangzeb tomb

    Aurangzeb Tomb in Ahmednagar (Maharashtra)
    Aurangzeb Tomb in Ahmednagar (image-wikipedia)

    This is also a great place to visit. Many tourists visit there every year and enjoy the beauty of the monument. Aurangzeb’s tomb was constructed by the Aurangzeb himself.

    After the death of Shivaji, a famous Maratha ruler, Aurangzeb established his kingdom near Bhingar and brought his entire empire under his rule. After the death of Aurangzeb, he was buried at the mausoleum, which was also designed by him.

  5. Historical museum and research center

    The museum was developed on 1st May 1962 with help of Ahmednagar. The museum was established with an aim to preserve the historical event. Later the museum is shifted to Hutatma Chowk near the collector office. The museum has 50,000 historical documents, 12,000 manuscripts, and more than 8,000 coins and many other beautiful artifacts.

    It has also a 66m long horoscope and a London printed 1816 map of India are the attraction of the museum. To reach the site the tourists can hire a bicycle, rickshaw, and taxis and state-run buses that are easily available in the district.

  6. Tank Museum

    The Tank Museum is situated in the Armoured corps center and school. The museum is also the best place to visit on your list of top 10 places near Ahmednagar.

    It houses a vast variety of tanks used during the war at different periods. The museum is constructed by late general BC Joshi, former army chief, and a tank man. One of the main attractions of the museum is the Mark-1 fitted with tractor engine that used during World War 1.

    The museum represents the journey of the evolution of the ancient tanks to the modern-day tanks.
    Another prominent attraction of the museum is the amphibious tanks that were developed for Normandy landings during world war 2.

    Moreover, the German tanks and Japanese tanks can be captured during World War 2 and Pakistani tanks can also be seen in the museum.

  7. Mula Dam

    Mula Dam near Rahuri in Ahmednagar
    Mula Dam in Ahmednagar (pic-agrowon)

    Mula dam is one of the finest places to visit. It is situated on the River Mula in the Rahuri taluka of the Ahmednagar district, where you can see the beautiful view of sunrise and sunset. It is also known as Dhyaneshwar Sagar Dam.

    The dam has 26 TMC water storage capacity which supplies water to the Ahmednagar city and its adjoining areas. The place looks beautiful at the time of the evening because of its sunset view.

  8. Faria Bagh Palace

    It was believed that Faria bagh was constructed for Burah Shah, the son of the founder of Ahmednagar. Burah shah has ascended the throne in 1905 at age of seven after the death of his father and he also handled the Nizam Shahi dynasty at the age of seven.

    The monument looks beautiful with its structure. The surface of the stone used is rough and plastered with stucco. The palace was a recreational place for Nizam Shahi ruler as there was a chess game board, the garden surrounding the lake and a thin water body for bathing.

  9. St. John Catholic Church

    John Church was constructed by the British rulers as there was no shrine located in the surrounding area and the padre used to come from kirkee.

    Tourists who visit the church can also see the two churches, the Roman Catholic Church and the Episcopalian church that are situated on the south-east of the fort. The cemeteries of the church provide the evidence of British Rulers stations at the site.

  10. Sidheshwar Temple

    This temple is blessed with a beautiful location in the midst of the lake and houses some most amazing marvel architecture. Sidheshwar Temple is one of the best places to visit for devotees of Lord Shiva.

    Sidheshwar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This is one of the famous temples of the region located in Ahmednagar. There are many small ponds and waterfalls in its vicinity. Many tourists and devotees visited there throughout the year.

Have you picked up any fun place or picnic spot near Ahmednagar for your weekend?

Tell us in the comment section what you think about these picnic places.

What did you like the most?

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