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picnic spots near Gwalior

10 Incredible Picnic Spots near Gwalior

Want to explore some really great tourist attractions, historical places, couple destinations or picnic spots near Gwalior?

Let’s start reading the collection of incredible places to visit in and around Gwalior.

India is a vast country with a culturally diverse population like no other a melting pot of religions, traditions, and colors. There have been a number of different empires that ruled the land through the ages.

Gwalior is the heart of India and Historic city located at 320 km away from Delhi in the central state of India Madhya Pradesh. Gwalior city is surrounded by huge rocky hills and mountains and make it a famous attraction for locals and outsiders. There are also a lot of historical monuments are available in Madhya Pradesh.

There are lots of picnic spots near Gwalior such as Gwalior fort, Gujari Mahal, Teli ka Mandir, Scindia museum, tiger dam and much more.

10 Incredible Picnic Spots near Gwalior:

  1. Gwalior Fort

    The name of this fort comes from the saint called Galava. The Gwalior fort is one of the popular attractions in Madhya Pradesh and is known for its rich history. The initial construction of the fort began in 525 AD but the many years of attacks and rulers have left it looking entirely different. It was during the reign of the Rajput Tomar dynasty that the fort was built to its current state of grandeur.

    Later on, sadly, the Mughals took over as used it as a prison. The fort is only accessible via foot and one is greeted with an impressive entrance known as Hathi Pol which leads on to the Man Mandir Palace.

  2. Gujari Mahal Archaeological Museum

    Gujari Mahal was built by Raja Mansingh for his Queen. This Mahal is one of the best architecture in the world, now this place is known as Gujari Mahal Archaeological Museum. This museum has a large collection of Hindu and Jain sculpture from first and the second century B.C. this place is situated at Gwalior Fort complex.

    This is the best picnic spots near Gwalior, You can reach here from the plane, but Gwalior airport has very limited connectivity. Try to reach New Delhi first then come to Gwalior via Road with around 320 km drive or by rail.

  3. Teli ka Mandir

    This temple is one of the tallest temples in Madhya Pradesh with a height of 100 feets. Teli ka Mandir is a Hindu temple and dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu. The main attraction of this temple is architecture. You can visit here for any season as per convenience. There is lots of rush during the monsoon season from July to October. In winter seasons from November to February, most of the peoples come here at evening rather than morning. It is also located in Gwalior fort complex. You can reach here by car, airplane or through railways.

  4. Jai Vilas Mahal

    It is constructed by Raja jayajirao Scindia and located at the health of the city. It is designed by European architecture Sir Micheal Fliso. Jai Vilas Mahal is 100 feet long and 50 feet wide. This place is accessible by the drive, the airport is available in Gwalior but the best option is to reach New Delhi by air then drive 320 km to Gwalior, and another option is to come through the rail.

  5. Sas Bahu Temple

    Sas Bahu temple is built by Raja Mahipala in 1092 and situated in east Gwalior Fort. The temple name comes from the word Shastrabahu i.e. Lord Vishnu. This is also famous for its architectural design and one of the best architecture in Gwalior fort. Its height is around 33 meters and width is around 22 meters. This is one of the best picnic spots near Gwalior; this is a very peaceful place for satisfaction. You can easily reach here with your family and friends through car via highway around 20 km away from Udaipur, Rail or by Air.

  6. Scindia Museum

    This museum is situated in Jai Vilas Palace and constructed by private Company in 1964. It is very popular picnic spots near Gwalior and attractive tourist destination. This museum consists of 35 rooms and has all important documents, manuscripts, sculptures, coins, paintings, weapons and much more. This place is best for history lovers who are interested in all these historical things. it is easily accessible by car, rail and by plane.

  7. Tomb of Mohammad Ghaus

    Gwalior is one of the historical places of India where every Muslim building is situated. Tomb of Mohammad Ghuas and tomb of Tansen is situated. Mohammad Ghuas was the Sufi saint of the sixteenth century and was advisor and music teacher of Tansen. This is another enchanting place to explore. These tombs are built in second half of sixteenth century and are very beautiful and attractive; this is one of the great picnic spots near Gwalior. It is easily accessible by the drive, rail and by plane.

  8. Bateshwar

    Bateshwar is a Hindu temple situated near Morena town ( a district in Madhya Pradesh). This temple is dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu. Bateshwar is spread over 24.7 acres of land and with unique architecture and design made of sandstone. You can come here for any season and anytime. You can reach here with your family and friends by a drive through Gwalior, by rail, and by plane.

  9. Tigra Dam

    If you are traveling to Gwalior then, this very famous picnic spots near Gwalior. Tigra dam is the fresh water reservoir placed on the river Sank near Gwalior city. It is constructed in 1916 and situated at 23 kilometers away from the Gwalior city. You will love to go on boating and at the end of the day, you can enjoy some delicious snacks available at the restaurant at the site. It is a good place for kids and youngster. If you want to come here then you can reach here by a drive around 23 km from Gwalior.

  10. Gwalior Zoo

    It is one of the best picnic spots near Gwalior, this zoo is also known as Gandhi zoo. Lots of different kinds of animals and birds live here and give a clean and attractive look to Zoo. You can come here at any season from January to December. But in winter there is a risk of Beers and Deer. This place is specially designed according to children.
    #Some important information related to the Gwalior zoo:
    > Cameras are allowed in the zoo to capture animals and birds in your photo gallery.
    > Do not tease animals and birds.
    > Do not spit or litter the zoo with food and packets.
    > The Zoo entrance ticket price is 20 rupees for Adults and Rs 5 for children.

Have you picked up any tourist or picnic spot near Gwalior for your weekend?

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