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Picnic Spots Near Indore

10 Picnic Spots Near Indore You Should Visit Once

Before knowing about picnic spots near Indore first you should know a little history of Indore. Indore is a city with buildings like seven-storeyed Rajwada Palace and Lal Baag Palace dating back to Holkar Dynasty in the 19th century.  Positioned on the southern brink of Malwa Plateau, at a typical altitude of 550 meters above sea level, Indore has the highest stature among major cities of Central India.

In fact, its foundation history dates back to about 16th century, where Indore was developed as a trading hub between Delhi and Deccan side. The best part of visiting the city is venturing into a historical era that signifies and shines through its sites.

There are lots of picnic spots in and around Indore which will make your Indore trip memorable. A trip to Indore can surely unveil the stunning sites like Khajrana Ganesha Mandir, Sarafa Bazaar, Kaanch Mandir, along with Rajwada and Laal Baag Palace. But, it offers a couple of nearby picturesque places for weekend getaways too.

Time to Explore the List of Picnic Spots Near Indore:

  1. Pachmarhi

    Known to be an attractive hill station around Indore, it can be reached within 6 hours. Popularly known as the “Queen of Satpura”, it is positioned at a height of 1100 meters above the sea level. Pachmarhi is the no. 1 place in the list of picnic spots near Indore.

    This stunning region in the hills was revealed by Captain James Forsyth in 1857. It is surely a treasure with ancient caves of the Buddhist era exist in accord with placid waterfalls. The distance between Pachmarhi and Indore is approximately 360-380 km. You need two days to visit this place if you are from Indore.

    Picnic Places to Visit in Pachmarhi:

    #1 Jata Shankar Caves

    #2 Rajat Prapat Waterfalls

    #3 Pandava Caves

    #4 Dhoopgarh

    #5 Satpura National Park

    #6 Mahadeo Hills

    #7 Handi Khoh

    #8 Chauragarh Temple

    The stories about the hill station say that Pandavas visited the place at the time of their exile. In fact, its climate is something that remains exotic throughout the year. Still, the best time to visit the Pachmarhi hill station is from October to March.

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  2. Omkareshwar

    Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Omkareshwar has a beautiful temple that houses one of the 12 most revered Jyotirlinga of Mahadev. It is positioned in the Khandwa district of Madhya Pradesh on the picturesque island named Mandhata in Narmada River. The distance between Omkareshwar and Indore is approximately 78 km.

    Picnic Places to Visit in Omkareshwar: 

    #1 Omkareshwar Temple

    #2 Mamleshwar Temple

    #3 Mamleshwar Temple

    #4 Omkareshwar Parikrama

    #5 Kajal Rani Cave

    #6 24 Avatars Group of Temples

    #7 Ranmukteshwar Temple

    #8 Ahilya Ghat

    #9 Gauri Somnath Temple

    Omkareshwar is a pilgrim picnic spots which is the most desired destination for family and school holidays.

    Though, the place is open to pilgrims throughout the year. But, the best time to visit Omkareshwar is from September to March.

  3. Mandu

    Willing to explore the history from closest point, Mandu is one such picnic spot positioned at a distance of about 93kms from Indore. It is accessible in the Malwa Region of Madhya Pradesh and boasts of spectacular ruins of Bahadur Mahal.

    It is a perfect place to check out the majestic architecture of:

    #1 Hindola Mahal

    #2 Jahaz Mahal

    #3 Alamgir Darwaza

    #4 Hoshang Shah Mausoleum

    #5 Roopmati’s Pavilion

    Talking about the ideal time to visit the place, the tourists having interest in exploring historical places may come in the months of September to March as summers are quite scorching here.

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  4. Patal Pani

    An ideal picnic spot near Indore for the adventure and nature enthusiasts, Being the most famous waterfalls around Indore and considered ideal as the picturesque picnic spot, Patal Pani is located at a distance of 35kms from Indore in Mhow district. Patal Pani waterfall is one of the most liked place between local people or travelers to visit in holidays.

    The site is majestic in nature and has splendid beauty. In fact, the most interesting part of visiting the place is the depth of waterfall that remains a mystery. Enjoying a picnic at the waterfall can surely bring visitors into close communion with nature. This is the reason that planning a picnic for one day at Patal Pani is surely a good choice.

    This is a seasonal waterfall, in the month of August and September, it becomes almost dry in summer days. If you want an adventure or trekking then it’s recommended to visit here during summer days and if you want to see the waterfall, enjoy water then it’s recommended to visit here in rainy season. This is a free place to visit without any charge you can enjoy Patal Pani. It’s advised to be careful during the rainy season because of dangerous water flow.

  5. Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary

    Another wildlife making its way from Indore is Ralanmandal, which is positioned at a distance of just 20kms from the town. Specifically speaking, it is a home to some of the most popular birds and even wildlife. The park has it’s two-wheeler or one needs to book the safaris well in advance to avoid inconvenience.

    This is the perfect picnic spot near Indore for those who love wildlife and adventures. Ralamandal park has a variety of birds and trees.  This place offers a good trekking experience so it is advised that you must visit in comfortable wear i.e. sports boots and track lowers. You can also enjoy camel safaris here to take the perfect photograph around the site.

    It is one such wildlife sanctuary that can be enjoyed or visited throughout the year without much difficulty.

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  6. Jalgaon

    A picturesque place with exotic waterfalls and stunning backdrops, Jalagon can be an exceptionally wonderful weekend getaways for the people of Indore or tourists coming here. Located at a distance of about 296kms, the place has majestic resting in its environs.

    Picnic Places to Visit in Jalgaon:

    #1 Parola Fort

    #2 Mehrun Park

    #3 Mahatma Gandhi Garden

    #4 Padmalaya Shree Ganapati Peeth

    #5 Shree Manudevi Temple and Waterfalls

    Taking a note of the best time to visit Jalagaon, it has to be September to March because the summers are extremely hot and Humid in Madhya Pradesh state.

  7. Banswara

    Another picnic spot from Indore can be Banswara in Rajasthan state, which is positioned at a distance of about 230 km from Indore. Laced with typical Rajasthani culture, Banswara was founded by Maharawal Jagmal Singh. In fact, the place is named after the bamboo forests in the region.

    Picnic Places to Visit in Banswara:

    #1 Shri Raj Mandir

    #2 Pipli Chowk

    #3 Abdullah Pir Dargah

    #4 Banswara Palace

    #5 Tripura Sundari Temple

    #6 Diablab Lake

    #7 Arthuna Temples

    Rajasthan is known for extremely hot summers and so do Banswara also. This is the reason that ideal time to visit the place can stretch from September to February. It is a wonderful place that offers a plethora of sightseeing options and delectable food from the people of Rajasthan.

  8. Picnic at Ratlam

    Known to be a beautiful place with scenic and naturalistic beauty around, Ratlam is positioned at a distance of about 145kms from Indore. It is a relaxing and quaint getaway for the visitors as well as residents of Indore. Ratlam is your one-day picnic spot near Indore. You must need to leave early for the picnic.

    Picnic Places to Visit in Ratlam:

    #1 The Cactus Garden

    #2 Sailana Palace

    #3 Bilpakeshwar Temple

    #4 Jhar Waterfalls

    #5 Kedareshwar Temple

    #6 Dholawad Dam

    #7 Kharmour Bird Sanctuary

    Though, the town of Ratlam can be explored throughout the year. But, it is better to avoid the place in summers (March to July) because they turn out to be extremely hot and humid. Definitely, it is a place worth to be visited.

  9. Pipliyapala Regional Park

    This the perfect picnic spot near Indore for one-day trip. Also famous as Atal Bihari Vajpayee Regional Park, Pipliyapala Regional is one of the finest and biggest parks in Madhya Pradesh state.

    In fact, the beauty and attractiveness of the park come from its Boating, Musical Fountain, Mini cruiser, Picturesque Gardens, Splendid Lake-view and Fast food Zone. There are many different kinds of boat paddle boats, speed boats, and many small cruisers.

    This park takes a small fee for visiting i.e. 25 Rs for adults and 10 Rs for children (prices may change according to time). It is one such place, which is opened for the visitors throughout the year and is quite a relaxing destination away from Indore at a distance of about just 15 minutes from the city.

  10. Tekri Mata Mandir, Dewas

    Tekri is a tapering hill in Dewas region of Madhya Pradesh, which is commonly known as its picturesque Tekri Mandir. It is positioned at a distance of about 36 km from Indore over AB Road, Agra-Mumbai National Highway 3.

    Basically speaking, the marvelous temple of Dewas is devoted to the Goddess Tulja Bhavani Mata and Chamunda Devi. It is an ideal place for the religious people, who wish to attain tranquillity amidst quaint nature. This is the reason that people visit Tekri hills for a relaxing weekend for sure.

You just read the list of picnic spots near Indore.

All visiting places are situated at a distance of fewer than 50 km -100 km -300 km except 1-2 places.

It’s time to know some more facts about Indore.

Being famous as the commercial town of Madhya Pradesh, Indore has been the capital town of Holkar Marathas. In fact, this region was given as a reward to Malhar Rao Holkar by the Peshwas, who was the founder of the Holkar dynasty.

Certainly, Rani Ahilya Bai Holkar was responsible to bring numerous developmental changes and reforms in the town. It is the most populated city, which is quite well-known for its monuments, history, food, and bazaars.

It was Rao Nandlal Chaudhary, who founded the city and named it Indrapur after Lord Indra. The name of the town changed to Indur in the Maratha regime and was further changed to its existing name as Indore at the time of British Rule.

Almost all places are good for one-day picnic spots near Indore which can be visited within one day and maybe some places are a little far. But you’ll surely enjoy your picnic at these stunning places.

Have you ever visited any tourist place from the above list of picnic spots near Indore?

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