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Incredible Picnic Spots near Jalandhar

10 Incredible Picnic Spots near Jalandhar

Are you ready to read about tourist places, historical places, picnic spots near Jalandhar and many more? Let’s start

Jalandhar is a city in the Doaba region state of Punjab, India. Jalandhar is one of the oldest and major cities in India. This city is the rapidly industrialized center of commerce with rapid urbanization. History of Jalandhar is divided into three periods- ancient, medieval and modern. In the ancient period, Jalandhar was known as Jalandhar by a demon king who is mentioned in the Puranas and Mahabharata.

In the medieval period, this city was the capital of the kingdom of Ramayana who is the son of Rama. Jalandhar is part of the Indus Valley Civilization. And in the modern period, the Khilafat movement was started in Jalandhar in early 1920 to pressurized British Rulers. At that time, this city was declared as Proclaimed Area under the seditious meeting act.

Jalandhar city is the second phase of the smart city and rapidly increasing. This city exports goods such as glass, sports equipment, furniture and more. Transport facilities are air, rail, and road. There are lots of shopping complexes and real estates such as the Galleria, City Square, Vasal Tower, etc. this city is filled with several religious places such as St Mary’s Cathedral Church, Darbar Sachi Sarkar Lakha Da, Darbar Baba Peer Phalai Wala Ji and much more.

There are various Picnic Spots near Jalandhar such as:

  1. Rangla Punjab Haveli:

    This place located in G.T., Phagwara highway, Jalandhar. You can easily visit this beautiful place by road. This place shows the Punjabi culture, folk performance with Punjabi food. This place is good for a family outing because there several activities and performances to make your evening.

  2. Devi Talab Mandir Temple:

    This place located near the railway station, Jalandhar where you can go by road. There are several transport facilities available to visit this place such as bus, cab, and rickshaw or at your personal vehicle. This temple recently renovated and constructed a new temple. This place is very beautiful, especially in Navratri.

  3. Wonderland Theme Park:

    This place is situated on Nakodar road 8 km away from Jalandhar railway station. You can arrive at this picnic place by road easily. This place is one of the best picnic spots near Jalandhar. You can visit this place with your family, friend or loved one because this place is a very enjoyable area. There various rides such as water rides, air rides, etc. full of enjoyment you can easily spend a whole day at there.

  4. Pushpa Gujral Science City:

    This place is situated on Kapurthala road, Jalandhar visitors and tourists can easily visit the Pushpa Gujral Science City. It is one of the largest science cities in India covers across 72 acres of area. This is the place is a very knowledgeable place for children as well as for yours, an interesting blend of education, attractive and amusement park. There are digital theatres to show scientific facts and information.

  5. Nikku Park:

    This is one of the most common places for picnic spots near Jalandhar because if you are searching for picnic or tourist places to visit in Jalandhar the first place to come to your mind is Nikku Park. This place is situated centrally in Jalandhar; you can visit by road with ease. This place is filled with several activities and features such as games for kids, youngsters, and seniors.

    It has a small section of amusement park too, that furnished excess of rides and attractive features.

  6. Shaheed-E-Azam Museum:

    This museum is situated in Khatkal Kalan, Jalandhar where anyone can visit by road transportation. This museum was erected in the memory of the martyrs of Punjab on the 50th anniversary of Bhagat Singh. It is an honoring tribute to Bhagat Singh and their compatriots at the British Imperialism. There are lots of photographs related to martyrs and revolutionaries, in the museum as a tribute to the brave sons of Punjab.

    This place is very knowledgeable and informative for children as well as for you. The timing of the museum is morning 10 o’clock to the evening at 5 o’clock without any entry fees and closed every Monday & national holidays.

  7. Jang-e-Azadi Memorial:

    This museum was erected in kartarpur town, Punjab in the memory of involvement and sacrifices by the Punjabi community at the independence movement. This was built over 25 acres of area at the cost of Rupees 200 crore. This place is one of those places where every citizen of India gets to know about modern history. You can easily visit this place by road from the bus, cab, rickshaw or your personal conveyance.

  8. St. Mary’s Cathedral Church:

    This church is located on the mall road, Jalandhar Cantt, Punjab. You can visit this place by road. This church was erected on 29 October 1989 and dedicated to St. Patrick. The architecture of this church is unique in character and secular. It is interesting to note that Punjabi elements are mixing with the colors of different cultures, reflected in its structure and environment. With both sides of trees and greens, the main gateway is well maintained. ‘Rosary Villa’ is an open gallery that exhibits the images of Christ and Mother Mary located in the church premises. This place is best for silent and peace lovers.

  9. Lovely Sweet House:

    The lovely sweet house is very interesting and delicious sweet place in Jalandhar, this place is located on Nakodar Road. You can visit this place by road easily. This sweet house is filled with more than 200 products such as all Indian sweets, chocolates, a range of gifts and lots of more. This place can be used as an eating picnic spot near Jalandhar. You can eat lunch, dinner, sweets or snacks at very reliable rates. You can visit this place from the morning at 11 o’clock to the evening at 11 o’clock.

  10. Moorish Mosque:

    This place is a perfect picnic spot near Jalandhar, near about 21KM from Jalandhar circular road, Kapurthala Punjab. You can easily visit the destination by road in just 30 minutes. Moorish Mosque was built by a French architect, Monsieur M Monteux and erected in 14th March 1930. It is a masterpiece of Moorish style architecture, decorated by artists of the Mayo school of art, Lahore. This is considered as a national monument but the archaeological survey in India. When you enter the place, you will see a wooden model of this mosque.

    This place is very knowledgeable for children as well as for you. You can visit this place from day to night with your family, friends and dear one. There are several of facilities available for you such as hotel rooms, restaurants and more.

Have you selected any picnic spot near Jalandhar from the above list?

Tell us in the comment section. We would love to hear your thoughts.

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