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Incredible Picnic Spots near Kalyan

10 Incredible Picnic Spots near Kalyan

Are you finding tourist attractions, one-day spots, historical places or picnic spots near Kalyan?

Let’s start reading.

Kalyan is one of the good tourist attraction in the India because of its diversity and travelers have lots of chooses if they are traveling to Kalyan. It is situated in the Thana district of Maharashtra state. Diverse topography, amazing history, fascinating art, culture, and religion make Kalyan one of the most visited picnic spots in India. The gamut of wonderful tourist attractions in Kalyan caters to the varied interests of tourists.

Kalyan is the seventh biggest city in Maharashtra and twenty-eighth in the India. There are many picnic spots near Kalyan like Shahi Bawdi, Ammu water park, Kala Talao Lake, Durgadi Fort, Kalli Masjid, Malanggad, Birla Mandir, and many others.

10 Incredible Picnic Spots near Kalyan:

  1. Shahi Bawdi

    It is a heritage monument built by Adil Shah of Bijapur when Kalyan was under his dynasty in the 16th century. It is situated in Gupte Chowk, Dush Naka in the clustered residential area of the old kalian west. Its step is well built in black masonry stone a specialty of Adil Shah. This type of well found all over Marathwada, first 25 to 30 steps leads down to an Arch. Where there is a platform measuring around 6f by 6 ft. It is the great picnic spot near Kalyan. You can reach here through by driving, rail and by air.

  2. Ammu Water Park

    It is located at 12 km away from Kalyan Railway Station. It is placed on the banks of the River Ulhas with beautiful flora faun and a peaceful environment. It is spread over an area of nearby 9 Acres of land and has a giant swimming pool, Water Park etc. It also has a special zone for kids such as kids aqua zone with Mini Train, Jumbo Ride and much more. You can also host for Private parties, nature Treks, camping and high-school picnic It is accessible from by Road, rail and by Air.

  3. Kala Talao Lake

    It is a historic lake. The lake is situated around 1 km from the Kalyan railway station. And it is spread over 25 acres and varies in depth from 7 to 13 feet and has its sides lined throughout with broken basalt masonry. The lake is known as the Kala Talao as the black mosque or the Kali Masjid is located on its bank. This is one of the popular picnic spots near Kalyan. You can reach here by drive through 1 km from Kalyan, it is also accessible by rail and Air.

  4. Durgadi Fort

    This is very ancient Fort Constructed by SHIVAJI MAHARAJ and situated at the west of Kalyan city. It’s being built way back around 1570 which has 4 gates from different sides and 11 towers. Navratri is the best time to come here, when a big fair is organized which runs around for 10 days and this time it was heavily crowded. The fort has given for that purpose.

    The fort still rings with the scars of battle and booming cannons. Surrounded by water, guarding Kalyan. Just before sunset, try reaching hilltop of Durgadi Fort, here you’ll surely get a good view of Retibunder, Kalyan-Bhiwandi Bridge, and Ganesh Ghat.

  5. Kali Masjid

    Kali Masjid and makbara were built in the 15th century during the Mughal period. It is on the south-west corner of the Kala Talao, it is also known as Jama Masjid which was built in AD 1643(Hijri 1054) by one Subhedar of Yusuf Adil Shah of Bijapur known as Sayyad at his own expenses.

    This Mosque is constructed with Black Rocks with three arches in the front and two inside the mosque, the arches and the dome are built in good architecture design.

  6. Malanggad

    Malanggad is one of the popular picnic spots near Kalyan. It is constructed by king Naladev in the seventh century and different from other forts. It looks lush green and beautiful in monsoons but can be risky as it becomes slippery. Winters are also fine, especially January. Summers can be excessively draining.

    It is situated at 15 km away from the city of Kalyan. You can easily reach here by rail, by air, and by drive-through Kalyan.

  7. Parsi Fire Temple/ Tower of silence

    Tower of silence is built by Nawajbai in the 18th century. Lots of Parsi population was established here at that time. But, a few decades ago most of them are migrated from Kalyan to other parts of the world. An Old tower made of bricks is established in 1553. There was also a Parsi fire temple built in the previous century. It is one of the historic and famous picnic spots near Kalyan. It is easily accessible through cars and other vehicle or by plane. This is few km away from Kalyan city.

  8. Birla Mandir

    Birla Mandir is a Hindu temple situated at 4 km away on National highway 222 from the Kalyan City. It is also a film shooting area for many Bollywood movies. This is a very amazing place for you and your kids, kids can enjoy mini trains here. This is very peaceful and picturesque place. You can reach here from by rail, plane and by drive from Kalyan via national highway 222. You can plan a long drive with your partner, family or friends to this place.

  9. Lonad Caves and Shiva Temple

    Lonad caves and Shiva temple are situated in Lonad Village, you can reach here via Kalyan and very close in distance from Mumbai. These caves were built in the fifth century of monks and Shiva temple was built in first century AD. This temple is very popular amongst the locals of Lonad. The architecture of the temple is very beautifully carved and is in very good shape and of the attractive picnic spots near Kalyan. You can reach here through national highway 3 via Kalyan.

  10. Ganesh Ghat

    Ganesh Ghat it is a beautiful place. People come to this place to relax enjoy, jog etc. A beautiful place to see in Kalyan, recently the Municipal Corporation has developed this place. This place is very peaceful and picturesque place; your kids can really enjoy this place with various playing activities like boating, horse riding etc.

Which place have you selected from the above list of picnic spots near Kalyan?

Tell us in the comment section. We would love to hear from you.

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