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Picnic Spots near Kolhapur

Top 10 Picnic Spots near Kolhapur You Must Visit

In this article, you will read about picnic spots near Kolhapur and other fun places around Kolhapur.

Let’s Start.

Kolhapur is a historical city in Maharashtra, India and is situated on the banks of river Panchaganga. The city is named after a mythological demon Kolhasur who was slain by Goddess Mahalakshmi. A temple in the honor of Goddess Mahalakshmi is built here.

Kolhapur is called the hidden wonder of Maharashtra with lots of tourist destinations. The striking temples, gardens, and palaces are the main tourist attractions of the city.

Kolhapur has a properly connected city that can be reached through the air, train and road. The art and craft, Jewellery, cuisines have made Kolhapur a famous tourist destination. The people are friendly and their hospitality is known throughout India. The tourism has increased in recent years.

Here is the list of top 10 picnic spots near Kolhapur if you plan to visit here-

  1. Shri Mahalakshmi Temple

    Mahalaxmi Temple in Kolhapur

    (Pic Credit: Ankur P)

    Built-in 700 A.D. during the reign of the Kannada Chalukya Empire, Shri Mahalakshmi Temple in Kolhapur is one of the Shakti Peethas listed in various Puranas of Hinduism.

    A Shakti Peetha, according to popular beliefs, is a place associated with the goddess of power. It is one of the most popular one-day picnic spots near Kolhapur.

    The Kolhapur Mahalakshmi Temple has very important significance in Hindu mythology and one of the six places to obtain salvation from worldly desires or have them fulfilled.

    The temple enshrines a four-armed and crowded statue of the goddess Mahalakshmi carved from black stone and is 3 feet in height. The Shri Yantra is carved in one of the walls and a stone lion, the mount of Goddess, stands behind the statue.

  2. Rankala Lake

    Rankala Lake is one of the famous picnic spots near Kolhapur for local residents as well as tourists. The lake has a natural beauty and peaceful environment which has made in the top tourist destinations list in Kolhapur. The Rankala Lake started was a stone quarry till the 8th century.

    In the 9th century A.D., an earthquake caused a structural shift in the quarry and underground water started accumulating in the quarry, converting it into a natural lake.

    The Lake has the majestic Shalini Palace in the west and Padmaraje Garden in the east, providing an enchanting view of the lake. Pathway, park, and sit-outs have been developed on south-east bank and tourists have a great time enjoying food from stalls, horseback riding, and boating.

  3. Jyotiba Temple

    Ensconced on a hill at a height of 3124 feet, Jyotiba temple is one of the most popular picnic spots near Kolhapur. Jyotiba Temple is a holy site of Hinduism near Wadi Ratnagiri.

    Jyotiba Temple is dedicated to Lord Jyotiba, an embodiment of four deities- Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Lord Mahesha and Guru Jamadagni. Situated on the hill, the temple provides a scenic view and a peaceful environment for the tourists.

  4. Panhala Fort

    Like Mahalakshmi temple, Panhala Fort is also a major attraction in Kolhapur. This fort is situated at an altitude of 3127 feet and can be seen while passing through the Sahyadri Hadi series, which is the main trade route to go from Bijapur to the coastal region in Maharashtra.

    Due to its prominent location, it was the center of many battles in the Deccan, which included the Maratha, Mughal, and British East India Company, the most prominent of which was Pawan Khind. This fort was the Queen of Kolhapur region, the ruler of Tarabai had spent years in ancient times. Panhala Fort is the largest forts in India with a circumference of 14 KM. Tourists enjoy the natural beauty and peace here.

  5. Narsinhwadi Datta Mandir

    This temple is dedicated to Swami Datta Dev or Lord Dattatreya. Located at Narasimha Wadi, a small village is 51 KM from Kolhapur. The temple is a holy site in Hinduism and is situated at the confluence of Krishna and Panchganga Rivers. Also known as Narsobawadi Temple is a pilgrimage site for Lord Dattatreya followers.

    It is said that Shri Saraswati Swami stayed in this area full of Oudumber trees for 12 years. The temple is well connected to the main cities of Maharashtra both through road and train.

  6. Siddhagiri Museum

    Siddhagiri Museum at Kaneri in Kolhapur district is a sculpture museum. The museum depicts the various aspects of village life.  This project showcases the self-sufficiency of village life as Mahatma Gandhi envisioned. History of villages and their self-sufficiency before the Mughal invasion is depicted through various sculptures.

    It took great care and effort for making this museum. Siddhagiri Museum spans over 7 acres and has 80 scenes of village life with around 300 life-size statues of both humans and domestic animals. Siddhagiri Museum is one of the top picnic spots near Kolhapur that makes us go back to the old lifestyle that didn’t disturb nature.

  7. Maharaja’s Place

    The Maharaja’s Palace is also known as the New Palace and is the residence of the Chhatrapati of Kolhapur. Built-in 1884, the Maharaja’s Palace depicts the fusion of Hindu and Jain architectural styles. British Royal Engineer Major Charles Mant was the architect of this building.

    The first floor of the New Palace is used as a residence by the present Maharaja. The ground floor is turned into a museum named Chhatrapati Sahu Museum. There is a picturesque lake in front of the palace and a Zoo that has wild animals and birds like spotted deer, Sambar; Peacock is also situated on the bank of the lake.

  8. Gaganbawada

    It is a hill station located 50 Km from Kolhapur surrounded by lush green forest and hills. It is a non-developed hilly area of the district. Gaganbawada receives maximum rainfall during monsoon, so it is better to visit before or after monsoon if you want to properly enjoy the scenic view and attraction of this hill station.

    The forests around Gaganbawada are rich in wildlife and more than 120 species of birds50 species of butterflies21 species of animals are found. Also, many medicinal plants and herbs are found in these forests. It is a very popular one-day picnic spot near Kolhapur that can be visited by buses or cars.

  9. Kopeshwar Temple

    Located at Khidrapur, is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is famous for its carved sculptures, old pillars, carvings of various Gods and Goddess. Legend states that Lord Shiva was brought here to pacify his fury after his consort Sati self-immolated herself after being insulted by her father. Sati was later born as Parvati.

    The construction of the temple started in 7th century AD and due to constant interference from other rulers, could only be completed in the 12th century. The temple has ancient and artistic carvings on its wall. Kopeshwar is a must-see tourist destination near Kolhapur.

  10. Temlabai Mandir

    Situated on the Temlabai Hills, Temlabai Mandir is one of the top 10 picnic spots near Kolhapur. According to the legends, Temlabai is the sister of Goddess Mahalakshmi. The temple has a statue of Shivaji Maharaja and an idol of Ganpati is also situated at the hilltop.

    A garden is also developed for visitors and every year a grand procession from Mahalakshmi temple is carried to Temlabai temple. The procession is a must-see sight for every tourist.

Have you selected any picnic spot near Kolhapur for your weekend holiday?

Which is the best picnic place near Kolhapur?

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