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Picnic Spots near Nagpur

10 Incredible Picnic Spots near Nagpur

Do you want to explore visiting places in and around Nagpur and finding some awesome picnic spots near Nagpur?

Let’s read about tourist visiting places, one-day picnic places, romantic or couple places, temples and historical places near Nagpur.

The city of Nagpur being famous for its oranges is a fabulous tourist spot with a variety of temples, diverse culture, luxuriant green forests, picturesque parks, and charming lakes. Nagpur is the third-largest city in the state of Maharashtra and holds the title of the winter capital of the central Indian state. Being part of a glorious history and abode to a diverse and rich culture and natural treasures, Nagpur has emerged as a famous retreat spot.

10 Incredible Picnic Spots near Nagpur are Mentioned Below:

  1. Sitabuldi Fort

    A site of a historical battle between Marathas and East India Company, the Sitabuldi Fort is the most popular tourist destination in Nagpur. Located on top of a hill, the fort is visible even from the Nagpur railway station. Sitabuldi Fort is now housed by the Indian Army and is open for the general public during national holidays.

    The fort houses the graves and mosques mark the locations of the martyrs of the 1857 independence revolt. These are both maintained by the Indian army to show respect for the bravery of those who died. This place is situated at a very small distance from the city and this makes it a perfect one-day picnic spot near Nagpur. You can explore this fort on your weekdays.

  2. Tekdi Ganapati Temple

    Also known as Shri Ganesh Temple, this famous temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha was built around 250 years ago. Tekdi Ganapati temple is located on a hill and it’s the origin for Tekdi (means hill) in its name. It is easily accessible as the temple is located opposite the Nagpur railway station. The temple was reconstructed in 1978 and completed in 1984.

    The idol of Lord Ganesha is very old and has earned the name Swayambu as it was found when the Sitarburdi hills were broken to build a railway station. Many famous celebrities visit the Tekdi Ganapati Temple and pay their homage. The Tekdi Ganapati Temple is an awesome religious picnic spot near Nagpur. This is a family visiting place and anyone can easily visit this place with family.

  3. Deekshabhoomi

    Being a Buddhist pilgrimage site, the Deekshabhoomi is a very famous tourist spot that attracts both domestic as well as foreign tourists. It is the most remarkable Stupa in the world as it is the largest hollow Stupa with a height of 120 feet. Deekshabhoomi is one of the most popular one-day picnic spots near Nagpur with a distance of only 4.8 km.

    At this same spot, Dr. B.R Ambedkar converted to Buddhism along with their thousands of followers. The beautiful Stupa attracts thousands of tourists and pilgrims around the year, especially on Ashok Vijaya Dashmi.

  4. Ramtek Fort

    Situated at a distance of 50 km from Nagpur, the Ramtek for constitutes the Ramtek temple that has a mythological legend associated with it. Ramtek is believed to be the sacred place where Lord Rama took tarriance during their exile. There is a belief among local people gods bless the person who takes a vow here with its fulfillment.

    The Ramtek temple fort is renowned not only for its religious and mythological value but architectural worth too. Ramtek is also famous for its Jain temple and is in close proximity to Khindsi Lake.

  5. Waki Woods

    Waki Woods, situated approximately 33 Km from Nagpur is one of a kind eco-tourism spot. Famous for its lush green forests filled with jungle trails, it has become a rather famous spot for trekkers and adventure lovers. The region has a serene atmosphere that helps to relax the mind.

    It is an ideal one-day picnic spot near Nagpur that offers a variety of activities for recreation like boating, bird watching, trekking, archery, and horse riding. The place also has its own Dhaba where you can eat luscious foods and remains evergreen throughout the year. Thus it is the perfect one day picnic spots near Nagpur for nature lovers who want to have a relaxing time enjoying the splendor of nature.

  6. Adasa

    A small village located about 40 km from Nagpur, Adasa is famed for housing several; ancient temples with the Ganesh temple as the most prominent. These temples are believed to be 4000 years old, attracts a big crowd of tourists on religious occasions.

    A huge festival is held annually at the time of Pausha during winters when thousands of pilgrims visit the site daily. Tourists get to enjoy the luscious landscape from the hilltop with the ambiance of the mystical aura of the temples.

  7. Khekranala

    Khekranala is a dam site located 64 km from Nagpur nestled amidst the Khapra range forest. The spot is the ideal spot for adventure seekers and is famous among trekkers and nature lovers. The area provides quiet palm green surroundings with the finest and mesmerizing climate all year around.

    Khekranala drives its eminence from the tranquil lake around the dam. This lush green forest with a healthy climate and mesmerizing environment draws tourists from across the country. It is a famous picnic spot near Nagpur among the people of Maharashtra. This is a good picnic spot for couples. Maharashtra tourism development committee has made many refreshment facilities for tourists.

  8. Ambakhori

    Located near the bank of Pench River, Ambakhori is famous for their waterfall that doesn’t fail to entrap the visitor’s eyes. Ambakhori has situated approximately 80 km from Nagpur. Its waterfalls and forest are the main attractions here which are at its best during winters. The waterfall provides a serene and peaceful environment.

  9. Pench National Park

    Situated on the border of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, the Pench National park is famous for its diverse flora and fauna. The national park gained its name from the Pench River that flows nearby provides a humble abode to Royal Bengal Tigers. This is the country’s 25th tiger reserve located 70 km from Nagpur.

    The park takes great pride in its tigers and other plants and animals. Almost 1200 different species of plants are found in the park and many other animals like bison, Sambar, leopards, etc. Also, almost 285 species of birds are found here which provides a treat for bird lovers.

  10. Ambazari Lake

    Ambazari Lake is the most beautiful lake in the city of Nagpur and is located at a distance of 6 km from the city. It is a popular couple picnic spot near Nagpur and they come here to enjoy the thrilling boat rides and the scenic garden. The water fountain is the main attraction of the garden that dances on the sound of music. Various playing facilities are provided for children and you can enjoy a relaxing time with your whole family. The best time to visit the Ambazari Lake is from November to February.

You just explored the awesome list of picnic spots near Nagpur.

Almost all picnic places are situated near Nagpur within 100 km and can be visited within one day.

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