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Incredible Picnic Spots near Rajkot

10 Incredible Picnic Spots near Rajkot

The fourth largest city in Gujarat is the Rajkot. This city is situated in the Saurashtra region which also known as the Kathiyawad in the past and placed on the border of two rivers Aji and Nyari. The reason for its popularity is a history of the city, thrives on jewelry making and pleasure reasons. There are several picnic spots near Rajkot. Some are situated at a distance of 100 km or less and you can visit these place in one day. Where some are far and need more time to explore well.

There are several of beautiful destination and historical places the increases the beauty of the city. Rajkot is the educational place of Mahatma Gandhi because this city was home for him. According to the generalists, this city rapidly growing in cultural, economic and industrial activities and India’s 26th largest city and 22nd fastest rising city in the urban area across the globe.

This place is best to travel for knowledge about history, traditions, cultural activities and spending your precious time with your family, friends or loved one.

Top 10 Incredible Picnic Spots Near Rajkot:

  1. Aji Dam

    Aji dam is the main river of Saurashtra, Gujarat. This river is also known as the lifeline of Rajkot city and divides it into two parts east and west. There are four dams on this river that used for agriculture as well as drinking water. This dam is damn beautiful for a picnic, along with Aji Dam there is a huge and gorgeous garden.

    Here you can easily and peacefully enjoy your precious time with your loved one. This place is near Bhavnagar road, you can easily travel over there by car or bike. You can use transport and Cab facilities too.

  2. Nyari Dam

    One of the mesmerizing place of Rajkot and major tourist place. This dam is at Kalawad road near about 5 KM away from Rajkot you can go there by road with ease. This place is very attractive for nature lovers and bird watchers with a great atmosphere.

    There you can spend your time alone or with your loved one peacefully. This place has been made a picnic spot so that you can simply visit and enjoy the natural views. You can use this site as one-day picnic spot near Rajkot.

  3. Prem Mandir

    The sacred heart cathedral is a cathedral of the syro-Malabar Catholic rite and also known as the temple of love (Prem Mandir) placed in bishops House, Ravipark Society in Rajkot. It took a thousand of artists and twelve years to build, constructed entirely of Italian marble in huge dimensions (125 ft high, 190 ft long and 128 ft wide).

    You can easily visit this place by road from your vehicles and also public transport or cab. This place is very clean, calm, and quiet with a peaceful atmosphere. In Christmas, the decorations and displays float very sticking and beautiful ways.

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  4. Jubilee Garden

    A huge garden in the center of Rajkot, this place is very natural, peaceful, and attractive for tourists and local citizens. This garden open 24 hours and 7 days a week, you can visit day or night by the road that placed in jubilee main road, Lohana Para, Rajkot. You can use any transport facility to visit the garden. This garden is a good picnic spot in Rajkot for local people who look for the nearest place to spend some time and chill.

    This garden is well maintained with the latest version of attractive materials. There is a museum inside the garden known as Watson Museum, rides available for children and greenery with a peaceful environment.

  1. Lal Pari Lake 

    The Lal Pari Lake is a definite attractive place that brings many visitors to its ambit. The lake is well maintained and brings many migratory birds to its waters. This place is a heaven for a those who loved watching birds. This water body in Rajkot is a natural spot for viewing and watching several kinds of birds. It’s always recommended to visit here in morning or evening time.

    This is a place located in Navagam 5 KM away from Rajput, you can easily visit the site by road. This is the most popular natural picnic spot near Rajkot where you can feel the nature.

  2. Pradyuman Park

    One of the most exotic places located at a distance of 4.7 KM from Rajkot near marketing yard, Lalpari Lake. It can be taken as pride location and best ecological park of the city. You can use battery operated vehicle facility in the park to travel the whole park. The best place to watch different species of birds including rare migratory birds and beautiful views.

    Some of the birds found in the Pradyuman Park are a rosy pastor, purple moorhen, common teal, spoonbill, black-tailed godwit and more. It is the one-day picnic spot near Rajkot because of their peaceful environment, well maintenance and other facilities.

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  3. Dwarka

    A small city located in Gujarat placed on the western shore of the Okhmanadal Peninsula on the right hand of the Gomti River. You can visit this place for one-day picnic spots near Rajkot because is 225.5 km away from Rajkot.

    By road, it will take approximately 4 hours to travel. You can use transport facility such as bus, train, cab or on your personal vehicle. This place is very pretty and best for one day tour, where you can visit several of beautiful places such as Dwarkadish Temple, Bhait Dwarika, Rukshamanee Mandir and lots of more exotic places.

  1. Khambhalida Caves

    This place is located near Gondal which has the beauty of three Buddhist caves, Carved out of a local limestone rock. On the entrance of the central cave, you will see a Chaitya and a Stupa. There are two human-size sculptures of two of the Bodhisattvas named Padmapani and Vajrapani that stand on the sides of the entrance on the right and left respectively.

    The caves speak a lot of Buddhist sculptures and carvings. You can use this place as a picnic spot. You can visit simply by road, any road transport facility can be used to reach the spot.

  1. Morbi

    Morbi or more is located in Gujarat, 62.7 KM away from Rajkot. You easily avail transport service to travel the destination. By road, it will take one and half hour to reach. This town has old-fashioned but charming cobblestone alleyways, buildings, and various other locations.

    According to Wikipedia, there are 600 ceramic factories in the area of Morbi which are producing 70% of India’s, and 5% of the World’s ceramic items. These are really large numbers & the reason for business trips to Morbi. In Morbi, There are a lot of places to visit on a picnic. Places to visit in & around Morbi are Julto Pul (Hanging Bridge), Darbargadh, Nazarbagh palace, The Art Deco Palace, Green chowk with green tower, Trimandir, Lakhdhirji Engineering College, Mani Mandir and Nehru gate.

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  1. Jamnagar

    This city located in Gujarat, 90.3 KM away from Rajkot. This is the 5th largest city in Gujarat as well as the largest city on the western side of India. You can use transport facility for traveling, by road you will take approximately 2 hours to reach the destination.

    If your planning for one-day picnic spot near Rajkot, this place can be used for it and will be special and memorable.

Have you ever visited any of tourist place from the above list of picnic spots near Rajkot? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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