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Incredible Picnic Spots Near Siliguri

10 Incredible Picnic Spots Near Siliguri Within 100 km

Do you want to explore & enjoy Picnic Spots in and around Siliguri? Let’s start reading now.

Siliguri is the city whose natural beauty is spellbinding; Siliguri is located on the foothill of the Himalayas and the bank of Mahananda River. This is the prime hub of tourism activities in Bengal. Every month thousands of visitors come around Siliguri to enjoy their picnic. There are lots of places around Siliguri, which you can see while you are on your holiday to Siliguri. Sevoke Coronation Bridge, Murti, Dudia, Bindu, Sukna etc. are some attractive Picnic Spots near Siliguri.

The other main attraction of Siliguri City for tourists includes Shopping malls, temples, parks, entertainment, nightlife etc. Siliguri city modern and well connected with Air, Rail, and Road to all major cities of India. So, it is easier for tourist to explore all places near Siliguri.

Top 10 Picnic Spots Near Siliguri:

  1. Sevoke

    Sevoke Bridge is also called as Bagh pool by locals. This is one of the most momentous bridges of India, which is 24 km away from Siliguri. Coronation Bridge is considered among one of the best architectural wonders in India was built over river Teesta between Salugara and Kalijhora.

    The bridge spans the mighty river Teesta at the confluence with its tributary. Sevoke Coronation Bridge is the best place to revel in the beauty of nature, This is one of the best picnic spots near Siliguri is availableThere is also an ancient temple to visit in Sevoke named Sevoke Kali Mandir.

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  2. Murti River

    Murti River is one of the most populous picnic spots near Siliguri; it is situated around 84 km away from Siliguri city via NH 10. It is a great place for nature and bird lover and mainly popular for its picturesque scenery. Camping is the most popular activity along with hiking.

    You can reach here from Mall junction railway station. It is also easily accessible by car through Siliguri via NH10 and NH 31.

  3. Dudhia

    Dudhia is a small hamlet on the road between Siliguri and Mirik. It is located on the bank of Balason River and 24 km away from Siliguri. You can also reach here via Sukna or Khaprail; it is a very famous picnic spot near Siliguri amongst the tourists all around the world.

    Winter season is the best season to reach here for unforgettable moments. There is no other activity is available to take pleasure of the surrounding and the river. The way to Dudhia from either Siliguri or Bagdogra is covered with forests and greenery on both sides of the road.

  4. Bindu

    Bindu is the last village in north Bengal near India and Bhutan border. It is located at 107 km away from the Siliguri. The main attraction in Bindu is Bindu dam, Jaldhaka, Hydel project, and Cardamom Curing center at Godak and it is famous for cardamom plantation.

    Bindu dam is built on the Jaldhaka River to supply the water here, three streams met together. From Bindu dam, you can take the rare view of Snow peak in winter seasons. One can reach here from Railway station, by air as well as by 107 km drive through Siliguri.

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  5. Sukna

    Basically, Sukna is the park Surrounded by green forest makes it more attractive and beautiful. It has three important landmarks, Forest department campus, Sukna railway station, and Sukna cantonment. Sukna is mainly popular for its beauty as well as you can also find various kinds of animals like rabbit, peacock, butterfly, and birds in the park.

    There are many other picnic spots like Mahananda and Teesta River. Sukna has located around 12 km away from the city of Siliguri via NH 10 and best picnic spot near Siliguri. It is accessible by railway, by air, and car.

  6. Gorubathan

    Gorubathan is a small town in the Kalimpong, It is placed at the bank of river Neora, and 50 km away from Siliguri. Gorubathan is also known as Sombare by locals. The town is popular for its attraction and natural beauty. There are thousands of visitors visit here every month.

    The best time to come here is summer season because in summer seasons its warm and lovely weather but in winter it is very cold. You can visit here by road from NH31 and NH10 via Siliguri; it is also accessible through reach by rail.

  7. Rohini, Siliguri

    Rohini is the most popular tourist spot near Siliguri because of its beautiful environment and lake. Earlier, it well-known for its tea garden located at lower Rohini. It is located on the new road and 25 km away from Siliguri. The Rohini Lake is a gorgeous lake located at just below mountain carpeted and the famous picnic spot near Siliguri.

    You can enjoy the sheer boating experience in the lake. It is the best tourist place for nature lovers and wildlife lover because of its dense and wide forests.

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  8. Kalijhora

    it is situated at 28 km away from Siliguri on NH 31. Kalijhora is also a Hamlet on the roadside and one of the best picnic spot near Siliguri. It is surrounded by a green and dense forest of Teesta River.

    A huge Dam is constructed over Teesta River; Dam has changed the landscape of Kalijhora and makes it an attractive Kalijhora is about 14 km from Latpancher and 10 km from the Monpong. You can reach by car, railway, and by air easily.

  9. Suntalekhola & Samsing:

    Samsing is situated at 90 km away from Siliguri city. This place is mainly popular for most picturesque tea gardens include Chalsa, zurantee, and Samsing tea garden. Some Local Sightseeing is Suntalekhola, Farisbasti, Rocky Island, and River Murti. Lots of tourists stay at night in Suntalekhola; it is 4 km away from Samsing.

    Faribasti is the small picturesque village, with 50 well-maintained houses with a flower These houses look very beautiful and attractive and one of the top picnic spot near Siliguri. Rocky Island is another tourist attraction spot; it is situated on the bank of River Murti around 2 km from Samsing. It is easily accessible by road, railways and by Air.

  10. Gazaldoba Siliguri

    Gazaldoba is a small Village situated on the west side of River Teesta near Siliguri. This place is popular for Dam and Teesta River and mainly used for irrigation and agriculture in North Bengal. Gazaldoba is surrounded by forest, rivers, and mountains which makes it attractive picnic spot near Siliguri.

    One can come here at any season whether summer or winters. In winters migratory birds come here so, at that time this place is best for birds lover. You can reach here by air, rail and by drive 30 km from Siliguri.

We hope this list of picnic spots near Siliguri will surely help you to choose any of these.

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